Poker :: Making Money In The Long Run.

Poker :: Making Money In The Long Run.

In poker , many people will win and lose at random. although this is the basic law of gambling or any game for that matter. Will you be the one to win or lose, that is the question. How much money will you win in this game verse the money you will win in the next game. Of course I did say that, “many” people will lose and win at random. Others, The Ones who are considered the experts, never lose.

Of course if you look at how some beginners play, for example me when I first started, and see a mistake I used to make when I played for money. One of the mistakes that I used to make was playing game by game and constantly putting money into the gambling casino that I played at. I don’t remember at the time where I iusd to play, but I think it was party poker . They have a pretty good casino…many secepics think its reigged…

Anyway… the mistakes I used to make had to do with the topic I want to dicuss today, which is bankroll management in poker. in addition, I want to talk about the ways to spend your money and how to do it wisely to keep playing in the long run.

When I used to play, I played game by game. I put enough money to play one game and then I lost it and put in more. This is a huge mistake and cost me hundred of dollars. luckily I was smarter then losing all my money and I quickly changed. Others doing this and getting trapped in this behavior, often will not be able to do the same and lose all there money which then is called addiction.

This is what I did, which I learned from a gambling school, I kept track of all the money I spent on gambling for the month. I used an excel spreadsheet to see when I lost, how much money I lost, how much money i put into the game, how much I won. This showed me how much money I put in and how much it actually cost me when I after all my losses and wins where figured in.

In a mater of 3 months after I started to do this I actually started making money gambling instead of losing because I organized my money. The strategies I used just seemed to be more profitable. As long as the numbers that where my winnings were possitive, I made money. Before I did this, I was always putting more money into the casino weekly. After I created my system for money management, I was able to figure how much money I needed to win.

So all you have to remember is to keep the numbers neat on a graph and you wont lose money in the long run. If you want to put in $100.00 one month, as time goes by, you will see, you won $20 today, lost $50 the next day and one $30 the next. This would mean that you broke even, when you lost $50 in one day. You wouldnt know that unless you kept track of you’re bets. Just keep track of you’re money and you can keep gambling . To learn more, visit these gambling school

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